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Ken & Simone 1946
Ken and Simone - 1946

   This section features Ken and Simone MacKenzie, true pioneers of country music in Maine and New England.  You will find pictures from their careers in this section as well as links to more pictures and an article or two that has been written about them.  I hope that in some small way this makes it easier to become familiar with part of country music history.  Many early country music performers never became national household names.  The people I know from the industry grew up in the business and continued to tour because they loved it.   Although their were professional entertainers, they had as much fun performing as the audience did watching the show.  The audience became friends, enjoying the music, and getting together whenever possible.  The performers were friends and worked together to entertain the audience. 

C Bar C Ranch - 1941 Ken's Weekly Mail
Sunday Crowd at C Bar C Ranch in Maine 1941/One week's mail for Ken

    Even shows from rival areas, all worked together to please the crowds.  Most touring shows packed grange halls, auditoriums, town halls and city halls each night, all over the state.  Ken, like many other performers, produced his own show, hired the hall, hired the firemen, hired the policemen, ran the concession stand, took tickets at the gate, and even handled all the promotion.   This was no small task, since these touring shows were in a different town every night.  Making it more difficult was a live radio broadcast every morning at 7 am.   Can you imagine touring Maine in winter, putting on shows at different towns every night, and having to be on the air (live) each morning at 7am?  Do you think todays performers would be able to handle such a schedule?  Let me know if you do!

Fam Ken36 Ken 51
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Articles and Reviews of Ken's Music

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Master Yodelers

This page features many master yodelers.  It may not list them all, but these are some of the best I have heard.  Some outstanding yodelers of the past still have no presence on the WWW.  If you find more that are not listed here, please let me know. I have provided links to the yodeling sites that I know about, feel free to e-mail me with additional sites, especially if they are well known, or have music samples on their sites.  I will make an attempt to list only the sites that feature superior yodeling talent.

Western Style or Cowboy Yodeling

Other Yodeling Artists
(Swiss, German, etc.)



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