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Our URL submission process is extremely effective and inexpensively priced.  Now anyone can afford to submit their web site.  This site submission process submits your URL to over 600 search engines, directories and link pages.  With the proper HTML coding in your document, you will see your web site climb to the top 30 in most search engines.

The search engines spiders your web site after the web site or URL submission and each of them looks for different information.  The only way to keep up with them is to let us handle it for you.   We track their submission criteria and modify our web site/URL submission process accordingly.   Compare our web site/URL submission pricing with anyone, We don't think you can find a less expensive, yet effective process. 

We also offer monthly web site submission updates and site position tracking for those who are more serious about increasing their sites traffic.  With 85 million people accessing the WWW, you can't afford not to be found?



The standard web site submission process submits your existing URL to over 600 search engines and directories.  Some will acknowledge your new listing via e-mail to you but others, like Yahoo, may take up to 8 weeks to penetrate their listing after site submission

The price for this web site submission service is $19.95 and takes less than 24 hours.  If you have more than one URL/web site  and you want to submit them at the same time, add $5.95 for each additional URL.   Want to increase your traffic?  If so, click on submit now below, and complete the form, then you are on your way. 


Deep Promo

Deep Promotion is a methodology of web site submission.  It incorporates all the known methods into one process to attain high search engine rankings.  This web site submission process may require adding HTML code to the pages you want to submit.  Meta Tags are critical for attaining high rankings in major search engines during web site submissions.  We will add the appropriate code for you under this option of web site submission.   In addition to the additional code, we will generate additional pages for you to upload to your server (not doorway pages).  This web site submission process will give you more pages to list, but allow you to structure the HTML code to maximize your ability to attain high rankings.  More pages mean more listing, which in turn mean more traffic.

This web site submission process takes a little longer, because your page code may have to be modified.   Although the process is a day or two longer, the results are worth the wait.   If you really want increased exposure and traffic, this URL/web site submission process is the option for you.

This web site submission option includes adding the appropriate HTML code, generating the three additional main pages and submitting them all to over 600 search engines and directories.   This option is priced at $45.00.  If you have additional pages you want submitted, each URL will be an additional $5.95.


If you want to proceed with our web site submission services to  search engine, click on the Submit Now text.




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