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Some of the true country greats that Ken and Simone
have worked with over the years.

Ken Ken2

Ken MacKenzie


Simone MacKenzie

Ken's Tent Show - 1936
Ken MacKenzie's Tent Show - 1936

Ken's Radio Group - 1940
Ken MacKenzie's Radio Show - 1940


Ken's Songbook
Ken's Songbook Cover, 1941

Photo Album, 1952


Betty Gribbin
J Gallien
Joe Gallien
Pete Dixon
Dickie Monroe


What Year - Grand Ole Opry
Grand Ole Opry - What Year??

C Bar C Ranch - North Windam, Maine 1941

C Bar C - 1941 - Ken's Sunday Show

This picture was taken on a Sunday at one of Ken's shows and was included to give the viewer an idea of the crowds that the Ken MacKenzie Show attracted.

D Curless
Dick Curless

L Pine
Hal Lone Pine

B Cody
Betty Cody

sclark1.jpg (14759 bytes)
Slim Clark

R Rogers
Rusty Rogers

Gene Autry and Ken
Gene Autry and Ken MacKenzie

Hawkshaw Hawkins Joins the Group
Hawkshaw Hawkins,  Ken MacKenzie
Pete and Jerry Dixon, Eddie Miller, Simone MacKenzie


Ken and Carl Smith
Ken and Texas

  Jim Robinson


Ken MacKenzie

Simone and Ken
MacKenzie 1967


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